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Tour Guide and Media Producer
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Interviews Given:
Interviewed by:

Christiane Amanpour, CNN's Chief International Correspondent, in the Egyptian Museum

Wolf Blitzer, CNN's Lead Political Anchor, about Cairo Graffiti
James Reynolds: Egypt: Graffiti tells story of political turmoil, BBC
Roshan Muhammed Salih, Chaos or reconciliation?, Press TV

BBC TV - Tessa Dunlop (www.tessadunlop.com) in Luxor
CNN - Dan Lothian: Reaction to President Obama's Speech
Mentorn TV: An Idiot Abroad, Directed by Christian Watt
Egyptian TV: Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3, Nile TV, OTV
The Last Millionaire, BBC
The Danish Broadcasting Corporation
Corriere della Sera Newspaper by Viviana Mazza
Youth and Sports Radio, Sailing on the Banks of Time
European Program (95.4)
Appeared in “Spell from the East” Documentary.
Daily Star - Sara O. Wali: Egyptologists debate Pharaohs’ Names
Daily Star - Nader Ramadan: Sham El-Nessim is a lot more than Coloring Eggs
Daily Star - Annelle Sheline: Gates of Glory and Facades of Fame
Al-Ahram Weekly - Amira El-Naqeeb: In the Realm of History
AUC Dimensions
AUC Caravan – Personal Biography by Arwa Ibrahim
IslamOnline, Noha Mohsen
Too Long to be True, Hala Hashim for A-U-C news
Cultural Nile TV, Culture Cafe, by Ahmed Abdelaziz
Russian 24, about theft in the National Museum during the revolution
Rai News, Antiquities Stolen
The Digger Who Can Figure by Mehri Khalil, School of the Art Institute of Chicago F Newsmagazine
The Poetic Tours Specialist by Christine Ghobrial, Egyptolution
Revolutionary Tour of Cairo on the 25th of Jan. By Aileen Alfandary, KPFA
Lyse Doucet, BBC's chief international correspondent
NBC News, Egypt After the Revolution
Cairo's Geology: a History of How Limestone Became Cairo, James Purtill
Amy Mowafi, Cairo Scene
Claire Sorrenson, Horytna Radio Show: Lost in Translation
Shaimaa Fayed, Reuters, about Beach Tourism
ARD, German TV
Sawy Culturewheel Documentary
ZDF Channel, Documentary: Tahrir - Der Platz der Befreiung
HBO Documentaries
New Europe Newspaper (www.neurope.eu) by Kathlyn Clore
Tales from Cairo's Living City of the Dead by Sarah El-Rashdi
Novel Attempt to Lure Tourists to Return by by Sherif Elhelwa, The Media Line
Idris Tawfiq on Radio Cairo (95.4 FM), A Life In Question.

Produced/Translated and/or Reported for:

The New York Times
BBC World Service (Egypt and Libya)
BBC America
Financial Times
CBS Network (the Egyptian 25th Jan. Revolution)
Swedish Radio
Amanpour and Khaled Mashaal, Leader of Hamas:
France 2
French 24
The Daily Mirror
GEO Magazine
Danish National Radio
South of Sweden News
AUC Times
Tahrir Lounge
Der Spiegel
KPFA Radio
CSSProject for Integrative Mediation (in Cairo, Portsaid, Sinai)
Field Producer of a film about Bob Bradley: We Must Go
Bas Uterwijk Photography
Petra Ramsauer
Future Cities: Cairo
Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper
Global TV
President Muhammed Morsy
Painter Khaled Hafez
Photographer Eirik Bjørklund
Copper Pot Pictures
Show Time
Andrew Hosken, Reporter, The Today programme, BBC Radio 4
Ruptly TV
Roger Hercz

Worked with:

Michael Buchanan, BBC Correspondent
Helena Merriman, BBC Correspondent
Tim Willcox, BBC Presenter
Richard Bilton, BBC Correspondent
Tim Whewell, BBC Newsnight Correspondent
Ben Gilbert, BBC America
Terry McCarthy, CBS News Correspondent
Scott MacLeod, Time Magazine Correspondent
Andrew England, Chief Middle East Correspondent for The Financial Times
Charlotte Wiedemann, GEO Magazin
Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent
Wolf Blitzer, CNN's lead political anchor
Thomas Loren Friedman, The New York Times Company

Translated for the organizations or individuals:

Time Magazine 
The American University in Cairo
Egyptian Exploration Society
Oxfam International
Seton Hall Law Program
Rosalyoussef Magazine
Cairo Times Magazine
            Egypt’s Supreme Court
            American Embassy
            Cairo Museum
Global LT
            El Sawy Culturewheel
            Xendex Entertainment
Jerry Leach
            Ayman Nour, Egyptian Presidential Candidate
            Raymond Stock
            Peter Blauner, Novelist
            Bill Barazzuol
            Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

Lectures Given:
1.    Give a Pharaoh Five, a joint lecture with Bill Barazzuol
2.    The Divine Board, Pharaoh Amasis in Art and History, with Dr. Raymond Stock
3.    The Battle of Kadesh
4.    The Tale of Sinuhe, a Highly Informative Performative Narrative
5.    Music in Ancient Egypt, a joint lecture with Dr. Khairy ElMalt
6.    Behold How Howard Uncovered Tut
7.    A Night of Hieroglyphics
8.    Nefertiti
9.    View from a Mashrabiyya: the Architecture of History in the History of Architecture
10.                        Feasting with the Pharaohs, Banqueting in Antiquity, with Bill Barazzuol
11.                        The HelleNilotic Melting Pot
12.                        Freezing Time: from Imhotep to Ahmed Zewail
13.                        Gates of Glory and Façades of Fame
14.                        Alexander: a King Akin to a God
15.                        Eratosthenes, from Cyrene to Syene
16.                        Pharaohs of Pharos
17.                        The Roman Aroma
18.                        A Crum of Cruelty
19.                        A Taint of Atenism
20.                        The Art of the State in the State of the Art
21.                        The Hype in the Hypostyle
22.                        The Tale of an Ancient Egyptian Expat
23.                        Relief of Belief
24.                        When in Doubt, Hieroglyph it Out
25.                        Thieves from Thebes
26.                        Relief Beyond Belief
27.                        When Domes Dominate
28.                        From Khaemwas to Zahi Hawass
29.                        From Cubits to Units, a History of Measurement
30.                        Emulate an Amulet
31.                        Write Like an Egyptian & Hear it "From Pharaoh's Lips"
32.                        Sobek, Biology and Myth, a joint lecture with Dr. Jeffrey Dean Miller
33.                        Pinpointing Punt, a joint lecture with Nadia Mottalib
34.                        Ramsiscape, a joint lecture with Dr. Ann Shafer
35.                        From Haroun Al-Rashid to the Stone of Rashid
36.                        Lemon, Biography of a Fruit
37.                        Ahmed Shawqi with Howard Carter
38.                        Ahmed Shawqi with Tutankhamon
39.                        Albert Einstein, Father of the Atomic Age
40.                        Powerpoint to Empower Your Point
41.                        Digital Grammar
42.                        Networking That Works
43.                        Ahmed Shawqi in France
44.                        How Gibraltar Altered History
45.                        “Weaving the Web”
46.                        Ahmed Shawqi, a Children’s Poet
47.                        Umm Kulthum with Hafez Ibrahim and Ahmed Shawqi
48.                        Ahmed Shawqi, the Bard of Wisdom
49.                        Ahmed Shawqi, the Egyptologist Poet
50.                        From Karma to Karama
51.                        "Naguib Mahfouz as Imhotep and Manetho, a joint lecture with Dr. Raymond Stock
52.                        Romance in the Land of the Pharaohs
53.                        Ahmed Shawqi in Philae
54.                        “Champollion: The Linguist and the Emperor”
55.                        “100 Hieroglyphs: Think Like an Egyptian”
56.                        Conquering the City of Grammar
57.                        Law in Ancient Egypt
58.                        Color in Ancient Egypt, a joint lecture with Dr. Gamal Lamie
59.                        Ancient Egyptian Fauna
60.                        Ancient Egyptian Flora
61.                        Sailing in Ancient Egypt
62.                        Naguib Mahfouz: Reading from the Otherworld, with Dr. Raymond Stock
63.                        Imhotep, a Modern Mind in an Ancient Body
64.                        The Story of Influenza
65.                        The Two Doves
66.                        What Is Light?
67.                        Reshaping the Shipwrecked Sailor
68.                        Making Zoser Closer to Eternity
69.                        From Narmer to Nasser
70.                        Isis and Osiris
71.                        A Virtual Tour to the Egyptian Museum
72.                        The Hieoglyphic Nature of Art
73.                        Ancient Egyptian Proverbs
74.                        Body Language in Ancient Egypt
75.                        Sinuhe Insinuations
76.                        The Art of Guiding
77.                        Flood, Growth, Harvest
78.                        The Tooth That Told the Truth
79.                        Date Palm: Biography of a Tree
80.                        Let Stone Set the Tone
81.                        Ancient Egyptian Religion
82.                        The Third Dynasty is a Charm
83.                        Diplomacy in Ancient Egypt
84.                        The Art of Translation
85.                        Cleanliness in Ancient Egypt
86.                        The Ancient Egyptian House
87.                        Medicine in Ancient Egypt
88.                        The Art of Public Speaking 
89.                        Etymological Stories
90.                        Magic in Ancient Egypt
91.                        Ancient Egyptian Architects
92.                        Dying to Live
93.                        The Art of Tutoring
94.                        Lily: Biography of a Flower
95.                        The Hoopoe or News from the Father of News
96.                        Quarrying the Quarantine
97.                        Health in Ancient Egypt
98.                        Drama Drawn from Ancient Egypt
99.                        Egyptian Mathematics
100.                    Ancient Egyptian Technology
101.                    Ancient Egyptian Palaces
102.                    Women in Ancient Egypt
103.                    The Queens of Ancient Egypt
104.                    Ancient Egypt in Film
105.                    The Hyksos of Evil
106.                    Kinship and Kingship
107.                    The Hype Style of the Hypostyle
108.                    The Plastic Bag of Antiquity
109.                    Sport in Ancient Egypt
110.                    For Whom the Sun Shines
111.                    The Spirit in Ancient Egypt
112.                    A Pause at the Paws of the Sphinx
113.                    Stele: Bulletin Boards of Ancient Egypt
114.                    The Bee in Ancient Egypt
115.                    Money: From Bricks to Clicks
116.                    Bread in Ancient Egypt
117.                    Friendship and Marriage in Ancient Egypt
118.                    Pensive Pencils
119.                    Zoser: From Imhotep to Lauer
120.                    An Abode Beyond the Boundaries of Death
121.                    Sound in Ancient Egypt
122.                    Google Your Life
123.                    Ahmed Shawqi: the Poet of Faith
124.                    The Locus of the Lost Lotus in Egyptian Art
125.                    The KaRaVans of Ra
126.                    Egypt: Magic and Tragic
127.                    From Sultan Barquq to King Tut
128.                    Saqqara Village: Passport to the Past
129.                    Cleanliness in Science, History and Art
130.                    From Bab Zewaila to Bab Zewail
131.                    When Nature Speaks, Art Listens
132.                    Don't Worry, We Have a Quarry, to Tell the Story
133.                    Sounding the Sands: Archeology Techniques
134.                    The Fourth Dynasty: Builders with Boulders
135.                    An Elapse Marking a Collapse
136.                    Carter: Purse and Curse
137.                    Strokes of Genius on Ostraca
138.                    Camels Were Late Comers
139.                    Symposium on the Nile, with Barazzuol, Alshafie and Professor Leach
140.                    In the Museum of the Atom
141.                    The Story of Garbage
142.                    Chorus with Horus
143.                    The Mother in Ancient Egypt
144.                    Nursing the Curse
145.                    Knowledge: a Boon from the Baboon
146.                    From Adoring the Sun to a Door in the Sun
147.                    Mirroring Mereruka’s Meridian
148.                    Wheel in, Camel out
149.                    Petrie: Inch by Inch
150.                    Ancient Egyptian Games
151.                    From the Nave to the Cave
152.                    Making Fayoum Bloom
153.                    Restoring the Cosmic Chasm
154.                    The Rise of Monasticism
155.                    Ahmed Shawqi: from the Poet of the Prince to the Prince of Poets
156.                    The Egyptian Temple: from the Core Niche to the Corniche
157.                    Karnak: a Hub for Hubris
158.                    Tut: an Heir to an Era of Air
159.                    The Ottoman Style: More Flash for Less Cash
160.                    Lured by the Lucre
161.                    Museums: Creation and Curation
162.                    The Narcotic Nilotic Lotus
163.                    Egypt: the Dynastic Destiny
164.                    The Double Helix: The Inspiring Spiral
165.                    Wade in Wood, Hopes on Ropes
166.                    Ahmed Shawqi in School
167.                    The ABC of Electricity
168.                    Ibn Al-haytham: the Father of Optics
169.                    The Story of Numbers
170.                    Your Wasta to Waset
171.                    The Boy King Wanted His Plaything
172.                    How Laser Works
173.                    Anatomy of an Atom
174.                    The Trial of a Triad
175.                    The Library of Alexandria
176.                    Let the Fable Come to the Table
177.                    A Tale of Two Pyramids
178.                    Schistosomiasis and an Unparalleled Site of a Parasite, a joint lecture with Bill Barazzuol
179.                    Ahmed Zewail's Voyage through Time
180.                    The Magic of Marriage in Ancient Egypt
181.                    ABC Latin
182.                    Paremiology in Arabic, English and Latin
183.                    Zewail City for Science and Technology
184.                    The Subject and the Predicate
185.                    Ahmed Shawqi: the Revolutionist Poet
186.                    West Meets East: the Rise of Tourism
187.                    The First Tick in History: the Story of Measuring Time
188.                    A Tale of Three Apples
189.                    At First I Could See Nothing
190.                    Story of a Bridge
191.                    The Story of the Compass
192.                    The Egyptian Revolution through Western Eyes
193.                    The Story of Silence
194.                    The Circle
195.                    Ficus Benghalensis
196.                    Water
197.                    The Story of Olive
198.                    The Desert
199.                    Om Kolthoum, the Many Layers of Genius
200.                    Sustainability in Ancient Egypt
201.                    Amarna Letters: Egyptian Bricks of Diplomacy
202.                    Is the Nile Delta Going under Water? Joint lecture with Dr. Jerry Leach
203.                    Calcium: the Backbone of Eternity
204.                    Cairo Trees
205.                    Thomas Alva Edison
206.                    The Sycamore Fig
Courses Taught:
-Introduction to Hieroglyphs
-Introduction to Guiding
Snap Presentations:
1-Labor Day
2-Mahmoud Mokhtar
3-Muhammed Ali
Lecture Series Given:
1.Egyptolgoy Series
2.Go Digital, You’ll Go Far!
3.Ahmed Shawqi
4.Ahmed Zewail Series for popularizing science
5-Mostafa Sadeq Rafei
Ahmed Seddik spoke before:
The American University in Cairo
The Egyptology Society
The Egyptology Academy
The Desert Development Center
The Sawy Culturewheel
The Seton Hall Law School - Cairo Summer Program
Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Marketplace
SOC 299: invited by Dr. Emad El-Din Aysha
South Dakota Delegation
Students from Ulsan University in Korea, invited by Dr. Cyrus Reed, Associate Provost
Performing and Visual Arts
The British International School
Course: ARIC-315: ARABIC DRAMA (invited by Dr. Birairi M)
The House of the Poet in Al-Muez Street in the Palace City of Cairo
Cairo Toastmasters Club
Nutty Scientists
Darb 1718
Egyptian Center for Culture & Art (Makan)
Mashrou3 Al Mareekh
Ahram Canadian University
Future University in Egypt
Al-Balsam Bookstore
Taught classes while he was still in Primary School
Acted in the following plays:
1-Howared Carter
2-The Dream Stela
3-Khufu and the Magicians
5-The Shipwrecked Sailor
6-A Ghost Story
Media Coverage:

Top ten: Walking tours by Susan Hack
The key to Cairo with children is the food by Raymond Beauchemin
My Five: by Condé Nast Traveler Senior Correspondent SUSAN HACK

Ahram Weekly
Ahram Daily
Community Times



Imaging in Space and Time by Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail

How to Read the "Egyptian Book of the Dead” by Barry J. Kemp

Defending Humanity, When Force is Justified and Why by George P. Fletcher and Jens David Ohlin

Translating into English a novel by Ahmed Shawqi

Documentaries Translated:

                Saved by the Sun (www.pbs.org)
            Connecting Delta Cities
            Six Degrees Could Change the World (National Geographic Channel)
            Earth Report: State of the Planet 2009
            The Eleventh Hour
            The Queen of Trees (Nature)

Mathematics Events Hosted by Seddik as President of the Mathematics Society:

1.    Have Mathematicians Tamed the Beast of Infinity? by Dr. Michel Hébert
2.    Do infinitesimals REALLY exist? by Dr. Michel Hébert
3.    Movie: 'N' is a Number, introduced by Dr. Michel Hébert
4.    You're Probably Wrong, Fooled by Randomness by Dr. MARK ROY WERNER
5.    What Shape Could the Universe Be? by Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot
6.    Toward an Archaeology of Mathematics by Dr. Gregg R. De Young
7.    Epidemic Curves From Two Geometrical Perspectives by M.E. Kahil
8.    The Bayesian Controversy: Can logical thinking include personal opinion?
9.    The Mathematics of Knots by Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot
10.                        Graph Theory and Applications by Dr. Brian Lucena
11.                        "Egyptian Mathematics" by Dr. Gregg R. DeYoung

Documentaries Reviewed:

                An Inconvenient Truth, Oscar® winning documentary

Games Translated:

1-Deep Space
2-4 In A Wheel
3-Kingo Kongo
4-Little Firefighter
5-KungFu Academy
6-Treasures of Montezuma
12-Tower defense
13-Café Spades
14-Ludo and Friends
15-BRAVEHEART - The Official Mobile Game
16-Chocolate Shop Frenzy
17-Catan - The First Island
18-Tony Hawk's Project 8
19-Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
20-The Witcher – Crimson Trail
23-Oban Star Racers
25-Crash Arena
27-Aces of the Luftwaffe
29-Carnival Games 12-Pack
30-Arena of Doom
32-Guns, Wheels & Madheads 2
33-SpongeBob: Paparazzi Parade
34-Expense Tracker
35-Stone Age Vengeance
37-Extreme Air Snowboarding
38-Santa’s Tower Bloxx
39-Crazy Penguin Catapult
40-Christmas Toyland
41-The Penguin Menace reloaded
42-My Model Train 2 - Winter Edition
43-Santa Claus Express
44-Ali The Penguin
45-X-Mas Puzzle
47-Smile Lines: Winter Season
48-Ski Jumping Platinum 2008
49-Alpine Challenge 2
50-Christmas Mystery
51-Pictoplay Plus
52-Comic Blast

Articles Translated:

                The Plight of Egyptian Bahá’ís
            Nuclear Weapons
            Translation of chapters from Tārīkh al-ustādh al-Imām al-Shaykh Muhammad Abduh by Muḥammad Rashīd Riḍā
            Christian Zionism and its Religious Influence in American Politics

            Nano Song

Books Translated

Case Studies in Clinical Surgery
The Illustrated Guide to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings by Dr. Kent R. Weeks
Published as the Official Portal for Luxor

Named Tours

Tour of Coptic Cairo, the Babylon of Egypt, From the Nave to the Cave
Guided Tour of Saqqara Pyramids and Tombs, Let Stone Set the Tone
Gates of Glory and Façades of Fame, a Walking Tour of Islamic Cairo
Making El Fayoum Bloom, Tour of Fayoum, the Garden of Egypt
To the Capital of Memory and the Shores of Wisdom Alexandria
Shine from the Shrine: Tour of the City of the Dead (Al-Qarafa)
Political Tour of Cairo, from Evolution to Revolution
An Idyllic Tour of Gezirit el-Dahab, the Gold Island
Tour of the Treasure Laden Landscape of Luxor
Behind the Sun: Revolutionary Tour of Cairo
The City of the Dead, from Womb to Tomb
Biblical Tour of Egypt, from Isis to Jesus
Tour of Minya, the Bride of Upper Egypt
Ride with Your Guide at Giza Pyramids
Modern Medicine from Ancient Egypt
Tour of Zamalek, the Garden of Plants
Tour of the Cairo of Naguib Mahfouz
Camel Caravan from Giza to Saqqara
Mathematical Tour of Giza Pyramids
Walking Arabic Classroom
Tour of the City of Rosetta
Tour of Cairo Museum
Tour of Cairo Graffiti
Your Visa to Giza
How it is Made
How it Tastes

Specialized Tours

Mountains of Garbage and Mountains of Carvings, The City of the Zabbaleen
Hydrologic Tour of the Nile Delta


Led hundreds of tour groups:

Seton Hall Law Program, Faculty and Students
The American University in Cairo
Princeton University
Cambridge University
American Embassy
Time Magazine, Chief of the Middle East Bureau
Harvard University
Yale University
Cornell University
Rice University
AUC Faculty and Students
University of British Columbia
British Engineering Institutions - Egypt (BEIE)
Alexandria School of Theology (http://www.ast-eg.org/)
Dr. and Ms. William Vocke of Carnegie Endowment
Dr. George P. Fletcher of Columbia
Dr. Bernard Freaman of Seton Hall
James K. Galbraith, American Economist
James Balfour of Oxfam
Peter Blauner, Novelist (http://www.peterblauner.com/)
Dr. Jerry W. Leach
US Consul-General Roberto Powers
British Museum Curators
Sir Eldon Wylie Griffiths, former British Minister
Dr. Thomas G. Weiss, Presidential Professor of Political Science
Dr. Victor G. Vogel, Director of the Cancer Institute
Stanley F. Buchthal, an entrepreneur and producer
John Bohannon, Science Magazine Correspondent
“The City of the Dead "Informal Settlements and Development Strategies
Middle East Studies Program, the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities
Ian Davison, Managing Director of Earthmoves Ltd
Julia E. Marshall, Editor for the Oxford English Dictionary
Durham University
Rudy Wenk, Professor of Geology, University of California
University of Minnesota
Leiden University
Penguin Group
Judge Mary Davis
Dr. Richard D. Lewis, author of When Cultures Collide
University of South Alabama
San Francisco State University
University of Memphis
University of California, Berkeley
Temple University
The College of William & Mary
League of Arab States
United Nations
Helwan University
Cairo University
University of Massachusetts Boston
American International School in Egypt
Florida State University
University of Greenwich
University of Sydney
Western Michigan University
Northwestern University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Arkansas
Egypt Air Horus Magazine
University of Toronto
London School of Economics
University of Kentucky
United World College of the Atlantic
Syracuse University
The University of Palermo
Nalco Company
Seattle Pacific University
University of Ulster
Griffith University
            Mona Almaraghi, Presenter
New York University
            Progress 2
Duke University
University of Pittsburgh
German University
British University in Cairo
Zora O'Neill, Lonely Planet
German Embassy
Estonian Embassy
The Netherlands Embassy
Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA)
Goldsmiths, University of London
The Spanish Embassy
Green Valley School
ARCE Fellows
Cairo Scholars
British Council
University of Maryland
University of Texas
University of Virginia
University of Michigan
American Councils for International Education
Conrad Hotel
Jim Holthouser, Hilton Worldwide's Global Head
Maadi Wadi Runners
Supreme Council of Antiquities
Middlebury's Middle East Arabic Program
Arabic Overseas Flagship Program
Australian Embassy
The French University in Egypt
Modern English School Cairo
Austrian Embassy in Cairo
Embassy of the Czech Republic

Ahmed Seddik has teamed with the following distinguished scholars during his tours and lectures:

Dr. Jerry Leach, Director of American Studies Center
Dr. Tarek Swelim, Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture
Dr. Raymond Stock, Naguib Mahfouz Biographer
Dr. Bernard Freamon, Director of the Law School's Program for the Study of Law in the Middle East
Dr. Jeffrey Dean Miller, Biologist
Dr. Khairy ElMalt, Director of the Institute of Pharaonic Music
Dr. Ann Shafer, Director of the Art Program
Dr. Gamal Lamie, Professor of Visual Art at the American University
Bill Barazzuol, Vice President of the Egyptology Academy
Mahmoud El Halwagy, Chief Curator, Cairo Museum
Costanza la Mantia, PhD in Urban and Regional Planning
Dr. Bill Bosworth, the Senior Geological Advisor of Apache to give Geologic Egyptologic tours of Egypt.
Dr. Fekri Hassan, Petrie Professor of Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology
Art historian Bahia Shehab
Egyptologist Jaromir Malek (Author of The Cat in Ancient Egypt)

Ahmed Seddik has been introduced by:

Dr. Raymond Stock, Naguib Mahfouz Biographer
Dr. Bernard Freamon, Director of the Law School's Program for the Study of Law in the Middle East
Dr. Jerry Leach, Director of the American Studies Center
Bill Barazzuol, Vice President of the Egyptology Academy
Sawy, Founder of Sawy Culturewheel and former Minister of Culture

Frequently Given Tours (FGT):

Cairo Museum
City of the Dead
Coptic Cairo, the Babylon of Egypt
Islamic Cairo, Gates of Glory and Facades of Fame

Tutoring and Teaching

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Egypt Today Magazine
Bernard Freamon, Director of the Seton Hall Program for the Study of Law
Ann Shafer, Art Program Director at AUC
Roland Bunge, General Manager of American Express
Floridalma Franco Paiz, Guatemala's ambassador to Egypt
George P. Fletcher. Cardozo Professor at Columbia Law School
Marc Sperling, General Manager of Mercedes Benz in Egypt
Charlotte Madsen, Director of Global Operations at Vodafone
Patrick Fitzpatrick, General Manager of Egypt Today - The Magazine of Egypt
Tutored several hundred AUC students in Arabic
Tutored a number of AUC students in English
Tutored American students for GRE exams
Tutored a few high school students
Tutored PowerPoint
Tutored Math
Tutored one of his high school teachers in Classic Arabic
Cairo American College
Teaching the Oxford Latin Course


Hosted by Noreen Karam, director of housekeeping at Four Seasons


  in the AUC library to help make its catalogue conform with the Library of Congress.
  in Resala Charity Association.

Assisted Dr. Bernard K. Freeman of Seton Hall
Assisted Dr. Ernest Wolf-Gazo in giving lectures on philosophy and art
Assisted Dr. Jerry W. Leach in preparation of PowerPoint on Global Warming
Assisted Dr. Chahinda Karim, Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture

Introduced Dr. Zahi Hawass when he spoke at Ewart Memorial Hall on 18th April, 2007 on “Recent Discoveries in Egyptology”

Introduced Khairy El Malt of the Institute of Pharaonic Music when he spoke at
the CultureWheel in 2008 on “Ancient Egyptian Music.”

Field Experience:

            -Participated in Zahi Hawass' Tombs of the Pyramids Builders Dig

            -Participated in a survey for the flora and fauna of AUC’s New Campus Site, under AUC biology professor Dr. Carey Dustin

            -Participated in a botanical survey of Wadi Degla with Biologist Pamela Labib.


Citizen Journalism


John T. Swanson (3 times),
Melinda K. Hartwig,
Raymond Stock, a plethora of times
Lisa Sabbahy,
Greg Deyoung,
Michael Hebert,
Mark Werner,
Ann Shafer,
Ernest Wolf Gazo,
Salima Ikram,
Jerry W. Leach,
Ryan Derby-Talbot,
Brian Lucena,
Richard Charles Hoath,
Sheldon Watts,
Farouk El-Baz (http://faroukelbaz.com)
William Evenhouse (www.thefolksinger.com)
Yacoub Atrash, musician
Layla Tarek Bahgat, singer

Introduced the following documentaries:

The Eloquent Peasant (Shadi Abdel Salam)
                        The Night of Counting the Years (Shadi Abdel Salam, 1969)

Arbitration in the Sawy’s Reading Competition

Trained Tour Guides
Language Exchange
German, Italian, Russian, Latin, Arabic


-Egyptology in the Making, City Magazine (May 2011)
-Published a poem on Queen Hatshepsut in Dimensions
-Published a poem on Queen Nefertiti, broadcast on the General Program (107.4)
-Published a poetic essay on Imhotep in Youm 7, an Egyptian newspaper
-Speak Out (BARQIYYA, Volume 4, Issue 1 October 2001, The American University in Cairo)
-Marsa Alam, short story
-Kadesh, a poem
-Thoth, an essay
-Your Visa to Giza, Egyptolution
-Interviewed Dr. Hussein Madkour, vice-president for the Authority of State Suits, to produce a brief biography of his father, Dr. Muhammed AbdelFattah Sallam Madkour, a prolific author and professor of Islamic Sharia at Cairo University
-Interviewed the renowned Egyptologist Barry J. Kemp
- Interviewed Stanley F. Buchthal
-Interviewed Egyptologist Naguib Kanawati
-Interviewed Egyptologist Jaromir Malek

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Book review:

Voyage through Time: Walks of Life to the Nobel Prize by Ahmed H. Zewail

Professional Memberships:

The American Research Center in Egypt
The Egypt Exploration Society
Sawy Radio Council of Advisors


Former President of the Egyptology Society
Former President of the Mathematics Society

Awards and Accolades

Presidential Scholarship from the Scholar Ship
Outstanding Leadership Award from the American University in Cairo
Certificate of Recognition from the Sawy Culturewheel in 2012
Certificate of Recognition from the Sawy Culturewheel in 2013
Mentioned in Loney Planet


Zewail City

Acknowledgements and Testimonials

By Dr. Raymond Stock in Dreams of Departure
Lonely Planet


The Sun Power Council


Cairo Science Festival (http://www.cairosciencefestival.org)

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Princeton University
The University of Pennsylvania
Franklin & Marshall
Pasadena City College
Georgetown University
Columbia University
Cairo University
Helwan University
The American University in Cairo
The British University in Cairo
University of Alexandria
Future University
Cairo American College
The British International School


Dr. Andrew Main, Emeritus Professor of Biology at AUC
Dr. John T. Swanson, Director of the Core Curriculum
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Supreme Council of Antiquities
Dr. Jerry W. Leach, Director of American Studies Center
Scott MacLeod, Middle East bureau chief for TIME Magazine
Dr. Chahinda Karim, Professor of Islamic Art at the American University in Cairo
Dr. Nicholas Hopkins, former HUSS Dean
Dr. Jeffrey Miller, formerly AUC Biology
Dr. Ralph Berenger, American University in Sharjah
Mr. Bill Barazzuol of American International School
Ms. Aryn Baker of Time Magazine's bureau chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan
Dr. Bernard Freamon, Director of the Law School's Program for the Study of Law in the Middle East
Mr. John Solomon of the Government of Singapore
Mr. John Philip Lochner, Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard
Ms. Nancy Hagan
Mr. Donald Peter Lambe, English teacher for Saudi National Guard
Dr. Greg Deyoung
Dr. Thomas G. Weiss, Presidential Professor of Political Science
Dr. Raymond Stock, Naguib Mahfouz Biographer
Nigel J. Hetherington, the owner  & founder of Past Preserver
Robert Lee Jones, Professor of Photography and Visual Communication
Christopher McLaverty
Michael Buchanan, BBC World Service
Helena Merriman, BBC World Service
Erin George, CBS News
Roberto Powers, US Consul-General
Dr. Humphrey Davies, Leading Translator of Arabic Literature
Tim Whewell, BBC Newsnight Correspondent
Bryan Kraemer
Alaa Ibrahim (NASA Scientist)

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1-Horseback Riding
3-Rock Climbing

Birth and Education

Ahmed Seddik was born on February 25, 1980. He studied Egyptology and Math at the American University in Cairo. Ahmed Seddik was a student of the world famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass and the erudite historian John T. Swanson.


The Book of Seddikisms
Book: the Art of Guiding, the Guide of All Guides
Audio Books of Ahmed Shawqi, Naguib Mahfouz and Arabic Teaching
Co-translated and co-edited How the West Was Lost by Dambisa Moyo for the National Translation centre
Ahmed Seddik's Encyclopedic English Arabic Dictionary


Splendid command of English
Splendid command of Arabic
Ancient Egyptian

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Launching the Ahmed Seddik Scholarship for Studying Translation at AUC

Ahmed Seddik Prize for Excellence in Guiding

Authoring smart talking tours of Egypt and the Middle East for IPhones and smart phones

Producing documentaries about ancient Egypt

Launching Seddik Smart Postcards

The Pharaoh’s Trees Tour of Maadi

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