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Walking Tour of Islamic Cairo

Friday, 28 March, at 9:00 a.m.


For reservation: 

WhatsApp and/or call: +19179729506

or email: ahmed.seddik@gmail.com

In this beautiful tour of words and deeds, history and architecture

are elegantly braided together. Travel back in time to the splendid

scents, sights and sounds of historic Cairo, the fabled bridge 

between ancient Egypt and modern Egypt. This is the story of the

rise and fall of the Islamic Empire.

In this tour, I shall prove that there exists an architectural

historian technique whereby history can be interpreted through

architecture. Behold! Seddik technique is unique.

“Travel. Set out and head for pastures new. Life tastes richer when

you’ve rode warm feet. No water that stagnates is fit to drink, for

only that which flows is truly sweet ….” – Ibn Battuta

“behind gates of glory and façades of fame lie unique stories of

rise and fall that teach us to never give in, in nothing great or

small, in the march of history against the juggernaut of time. When

domes dominate a relief of belief reveals the architecture of history

in the history of architecture through abodes beyond the boundaries

 of death.

The minarets dot the I’s and cross the T’s of architecture, furnishing

a Rosetta Stone to untangle the web of history. The palaces of

startling elegance provide visual biographies highlighting the

salience of sailing in the sea of history and granting us a passport

to the past.

List of what we might or might not see during our tour:

Al Sioufiyya

Al Khiyamiyya

The Mosque of Salih Tala’i

Ahmed Maher

El-Darb El-Gadid

Bab Zeweila

Mosque of Almuayyad Sheikh

Wekalat Nafisa Albayda

Haret Al-Zahabi

Haret Al-Roum

Haret Al-Aqqadeya

Mosque of Alfakahany


Funerary Complex of Sultan Qansuh al-Ghuri (a glimpse)

Al-Azhar Mosque

The Mosque of Muhammed Bek Abu El-Dahab

Al-Hussein Mosque

Khan Jarkas el-Khalili

Haret Al Sanadyqyah (Boxmakers)

Alhamzawi Al-Saghir

Sultan al-Ashraf Barsbay Complex

Jawhar Al-Qaid (Commander of the Army)

Bayn al-Qasrayn (Palace Walk of Naguib Mahfouz)

Mosque and Sabil-Kuttab of Shaykh ‘Ali al- Mutahhar

Al Maqases

Sekket Al-Badistan

Al Westani

Al Bab Al Thaleth

Haret Al Saleheya

Madrasa and Mausoleum of al-Malik al-Salih Najm al-Din Ayyub

Al-Zahir Beibars

The Qalawun complex

Bait El Kadi (House of the Judge)

Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qala’un Madrasa and Mausoleum

Sabil-Kuttab Mohamed Ali

Sultan al-Zahir Barquq Funerary Complex

Egyptian Textile Museum (just make a brief mention of)

Darb Kormoz

Al Khoronfesh

Al Qasabi

Sabil-Kuttab of Abdel-Rahman Katkhuda (Ottoman)

The Mosque of al-Aqmar

Haret Al Sananeeri

Haret Al-Darb al-Asfar

Bayt Al-Suhaymi in Al-Darb al-Asfar

Mosque-Sabil of Suleiman Agha el-Silahdar

Haret Bergewan

Amir Al Gyosh Al Gowani

Al Dabeeba

Darb Al Waraka

Bayn Al-Sayareg

Haret Al-Morakeshi

Al-Hakim Bi-Amr-Allah Mosque

Sour Misr Al Qadima

Bab Al Fotouh (Gate of Conquests)


Bab Al Nasr (Gate of Victory)


Wekalat Qaitbey

Haret Alotoof

El-Jashankir Mosque

Kasr Alshok

Al Mashhad Al Husseini

*A digital version of this tour by Ahmed Seddik is available as a

‘PocketGuide’ with voice, downloadable from Apple Store:


Shine from the Shrine: 

Walking Tour of the City of the Dead

Saturday, March 29 at 9:00 a.m.

For reservation: 
WhatsApp and/or call: +19179729506
or email: ahmed.seddik@gmail.com

The scintillating City of the Dead, anecdotally known as Al-Qarafa, is
so full of life and amenities that if you sum, you realize it is more
town than slum. We will be able to label the fabled vast necropolis
and feast our eyes on monuments glorious from the City Victorious.

The lively City of the Dead is a treasure trove of masterspieces from
almost all eras of Egyptian history. Walking there gives you an
encyclopedic tour of Egyptian history. True to the vision of some of
its founders, the City of the Dead has the power to entertain the mind
and retain the body. Around 100,000 Cairenes live here amongst the
dead. At the pinnacle of Islamic art, the monuments are architected to
articulate the vision of the stellar
dweller. Picnic among the graves in the City Beyond the Walls! It is a
kaleidoscope of culture.

We attempt to see:

Mausoleum of Ibrahim Pahsa Halim
Tomb of Al-Torjoman
Mamelukes St.
Sultan Ahmed St.
Mausoleum of Sir Ahmed Hassanein Pasha, Author of the Lost Oases
Tomb of Narriman Sadek, Cinderella of the Nile, the Last Queen of Egypt
War Martyrs Tombs
Tomb of the First President of Egypt
Amir Kabir Qurqumas Complex
The Religious and Funerary Complex of Sultan al-Ashraf Inal
Mausoleum of Princess Shwikar
Mausoleum of Muhammed Talaat Harb, Egypt's Leading Economist
Tomb of Omar Makram, Revolutionist
Tomb of Noubar, First Prime Minister of Egypt
Mosque and Mausoleum of Sultan Faraj ibn Barquq
Mausoleum of Al-Ashraf Barsbay
Tomb of René Jean Marie Joseph Guénon, French Author and Intellectual
Mausoleum of Khedive Muhammed Tewfik Pasha
Tomb of Professor Ali Moustafa Mosharafa Pasha, Egyptian Theoretical Physicist
Compound of Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa'it Bay
Tomb of Emir Tashtimur
Chinese Tomb

Tour of the Egyptian Museum

From the Dawn of History to the Final Flickering of the Pharaohs' Civilization

Saturday, April 5, at 10:00 a.m.

For reservation: 

WhatsApp and/or call: +19179729506

or email: ahmed.seddik@gmail.com

Walking Tour of Petra

Friday, 2 May 2014

Led by Ahmed Seddik

Seddik walks you back in time to a 2000 years old city set in stone, a lost jewel in the bleak barren Arabian desert.

Learn about the startling engineering genius behind the sophisticated structure of Al-Khazna!

On ABC News:

Witty and enthusiastic.
Arguto e pieno d'entusiasmo.

Lonely Planet
In Ahmed we found not only an amazing producer, but a great resource for all things Egypt. 
His offhand knowledge of Egyptian history, of pharaohs and antiquities, 
of hieroglyphics and pyramids is astounding.
He can quote ancient Egyptian texts from memory. 
In many ways he was our tour guide and history professor on top of everything else.

Erin Lyall George


The CBS Evening News

He is also particularly good at turning dry facts into fascinating anecdotes 
and was often able to entertain and educate us with interesting stories about Egypt’s history. 
He is obviously passionate about the country, its history and culture.

Helena Merriman

Broadcast Journalist
BBC World Service

His language skills, especially his knowledge of English, are absolutely first class and he has an ability
 to express himself in a manner that many native English speakers would find difficult to improve upon.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Buchanan
BBC News

“You are a student of the finer point of the English language.”

Hugh Sykes, BBC, the World at One

My aim was to take a break with a cultural and historic character. And having Egyptologist and tour guide 
Ahmed Seddik as my companion made my adventure unforgettable.

Amira El-Naqeeb, Travel Writer
The Digger Who Can Figure:

"His name is Ahmed Seddik and he is the most delightful, smart and funny person you can imagine. 
He loves languages and speaks incredible English. 
He talked continuously without notes of any kind during our tours of the temples at Saqqara, 
the Pyramids and tombs in Giza, Islamic Cairo, and the City of the Dead--
not just providing fascinating and encyclopedic information, both historic and modern,
but peppering his monologue with puns and alliteration."

Caroline Moore
“Ahmed Seddik is the brightest Egyptian I have met since I came to Egypt. 
I have found his Egyptological knowledge prodigious.”

Professor Jerry Leach

Ahmed Seddik worked with me as a discussant on the translation of Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq’s monumental mid-nineteenth-century work al-Saq ‘ala l-saq (Leg over Leg) during 2012 and 2013, a work widely considered among the most linguistically challenging of Arabic texts in view of its use of little-known words, word-play and puns, and complex grammar. I reviewed and discussed in depth with Ahmed most of the cruxes of the text and benefited enormously from his in-put. His knowledge of Arabic grammar, verse, and the Quran is encyclopedic and his ability to untangle the contortions imposed from time to time on the language of the book by the constraints of verse and rhymed prose proved to be prodigious. Ahmed’s love of language in general and the Arabic language in particular made him the ideal partner in an enterprise of such a daunting nature. I can recommend him unreservedly to anyone involved in scholarly work involving the Arabic language arts.

Humphrey Davies
22 November 2013

السبت، 8 مارس 2014

Portraits of Prosperity Shoot in Cairo on the 11th and 12th of March.

What does prosperity mean for you?
We are shooting Portraits of Prosperity in Cairo if you are interested, I will pay a fee for participation. 

Middle to upper income bracket people with dreams and innovators, people who work in the following industries:

Medical industry (doctor, nurse, dentist, lab researcher, optometrist etc)

Sport orientated (a local coach, young athlete, local soccer hero)

Professional (lawyer, judge, accountant, banker etc)

Cultural/fashion/arts and entertainment

Big business sector (mining and manufacturing)

Families at their homes

We are also looking for folks in: arts, culture, local traders, dancers, musicians, waiters, chefs etc

If you are interested: 
Email: ahmed.seddik@gmail.com
Call: +19179729506

The Pharaoh’s Trees Tour of Maadi

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